The Fully Electric Volvo EX30. Reserve Yours Today At Galpin.

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electric range
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0 min
est DC fast charging time
0 kwh
energy consumption/100 mi
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0 sec
acceleration - 0-60 mph
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The fully electric Volvo EX30 SUV: a small car with big potential

Sometimes, first impressions can be misleading. Yes, the new Volvo EX30 is our smallest SUV to date. And yes, it comes at an attractive price. But it can have an oversized impact, representing one of our biggest business opportunities in the coming years. The EX30 provides drivers with a true and capable SUV, born electric and packed with all the smart tech that they need. The Volvo EX30, available to order now at Galpin Volvo.

Full Specifications & Model Details

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0 in
0 in
0 cu.ft.
max cargo capacity (up to)
0 lbs
Maximum towing
0 min
est DC fast charging time (10-80%)
0 kwh
battery capacity

Responsible Design

A minimalistic design approach and efficient use of materials helped us reduce or eliminate waste.
Volvo Ex30 Responsible Design
Volvo Ex30 Exterior

Exterior Materials

Around 25 percent of all aluminum and 17 percent of all steel and plastics used in the EX30 are recycled.

Interior Materials

Around 30 percent of decor parts use recycled plastic, plus recycled and renewable surfaces.
Volvo Ex30 Interior